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Partnership Programme

Partnering With PeopleClues

We have partnered with over 80 plus organisations from around the world that use our online assessment platform on a daily basis to help their clients make smarter recruitment decisions.

In addition to that, we have also seamlessly integrated our assessment technology into over 20 plus leading Applicant Tracking Systems, Job Boards and HR Information Systems.

Access The Partnering Microsite

Find out more about how our partnership programme could help your business to:

Partnering Microsite
  1. Add value
  2. Provide additional competitive advantage
  3. Win more business
  4. Make more placements
  5. Build better relationships with clients

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Reseller Case Study Overview: Making More Placements

One of the reasons that recruitment consultancies choose to partner with PeopleClues is because we can demonstrate how we can help your teams to identify the best candidates so they can focus their time more effectively to make more placements with their clients.

Make More Placements

See how we helped a leading recruitment consultancy to improve their placement ratio with a client from 1/3 to 3/3!

Information Pack

Interested in learning more about our partnership programme and the opportunites available to your business?

Reseller Brochure

Download our complimentary information pack to learn more about how you too can benefit from parterning with an Award-Winning and Industry Recognised supplier of leading assessment technology.

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