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PeopleClues Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

At PeopleClues we value trying to provide candidates with a postive experience of not just taking our assessments but of completing psychometric tests generally.

In fact, we've actually won awards for our dedication to providing a postive candidate experience!

Helpful Resources

Learn About Psychometric Testing

Looking to find out more about psychometric testing and the various different types of tests you may be asked to complete?

Click below to find out more about what's involved.

Learn About Our Assessments

Have you been asked by a potential employer to complete the PeopleClues assessments?

Click below to find out more about our range of psychometric tests and assessments.

"Practice Makes Perfect!"

One of the keys to success in performing well in assessment centres and completing psychometric tests is to practice.

We've developed a few resources to help you to prepare yourself.

Candidate Help

Looking for help or support in completing our online assessments or got a question for our support team to answer?

Click below to contact us with your questions and queries.

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Candidate Help

If you have any questions about the PeopleClues website itself or our assessment range, then please contact us using our candidate enquiry form - or contact our customer service team direct.

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