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Based in Oxford (UK), we are a worldwide provider of pre-employment assessments, tests and online recruitment software for business use.

Our range of pre-employment tests and assessments help Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR Professionals to identify future talent, look beyond the CV and objectively improve their recruitment effectiveness.

Pre Employment Assessments

Pre Employment Screening Job Fit   Company Fit
Personality Questionnaire   Cognitive Ability Test   Attitude Assessment   Engagement Survey
Built upon a set of five stable and measurable elements, called traits, that are referred to as the "Big Five"   It is a measure of how well people can solve problems, process information and learn new things   Honesty and intergity testing can help predict counterproductive workplace behaviour   Measures the level of engagement between an individual and their job and also to their employer
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How We're Different

You'll have your own requirements for what you are looking for in your choice of a testing provider. We're confident we can match and exceed those requirements and have many things that make us a unique choice!

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How It Works

Decide what assessments you want to use in your recruitment process and for what type of job you are recruiting for then follow the simple steps to set it up, assess your candidates as they apply for jobs and then review your candidates pre employment assessment results.


How It Works Steps

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